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Most business owners are working Too Many Hours for Too Little Money, while their Lifestyle Suffers…

which is not a worry for the nexZen accounting clients, as we have revolutionised the industry.

"Any vision can be achieved by aligning our values, habits and goals - Mukesh Bajaj "

Mukesh Bajaj
CEO & Founder
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MBA. MPA. CPA. Registered Tax Agent. Cert. Property Law. Dip.Textile Engg.

Mukesh Bajaj was born in India and started business life as a Textile Professional. In 2006 he came to Austratia where he studied for his MBA and Masters of Professional Accounting Degree at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

While working in Australian Public Practice, Mukesh realised three major problems existed in business that he wanted to correct :

  • The high failure rate of stand alone small and medium businesses.
  • When business owners get to retirement age, most do not have the wealth or cashflow to fund the lifestyle they need and want.
  • Accountants focus more on compliance and reporting instead of working more proactively with business owners, as an effective team, to help them build a sustainable and profitable business, that returns the benefits of why they went into business in the first place!

In January 2010, Mukesh married Nidhi and became an Australian Citizen on 26th January 2011.

During 2011, Mukesh had a vision to create an “Accounting Redefined” business model with efficient systems to make informed decisions and set strategic goals, that will achieve more sustainable profit, freedom and lifestyle for the business owner, now and in the future.

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Partner & Senior Accountant

Happiness is that state of consciousness which proceeds from the achievement of one's values.

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Rosey has extensive experience in managing team of accountants and is well placed to handle the needs of Australian Business Clients.

She is responsible for all production, quality control, client communicaiton and project management.

Rosey uses her life and business experiences to cut through issues and get to the solution so that business owners can realise their true potential.

She works closely with the clients and help them to maximise tax savings while improving cashflow, promoting business growth and ensuring asset protection

Outside of work Rosey loves to travel and spend time with her family & friends

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"Our Vision"

We provide an Accounting Redefined Business Model with Efficient Systems to make informed Decisions and set strategic Goals that achieves sustainable profit, more Freedom and Lifestyle for the business owner… now and in the future.”

Our Values

Traditional Vs nexZen Accounting

Accounting is not just Compliance or meeting ATO deadlines It is more about YOU, Your Business & Your Lifestyle -it is about setting up your goals & placing the strategies to achieve those.
Dedicated Production Facility We employ and manage many Accounting Professionals that are cheaper than you hiring, training & retaining a Bookkeeper or Accountant in your own business, plus if your staff are sick or leave then who's going to do the work?
One-Stop-Solution More control with all your Bookkeeping, Accounting and Advisory services integrated in one place lours) saving you time, money & effort.
Availability & Accessibility Not just 9-5, we will meet at your place or ours and can even meet after hours to suit your needs.
Low-Cost High-Value Packaged pricing across Bookkeeping, Accounting & High-End Tax Advice averages less than $50 an hour, saving you thousands of dollars in fees.
Efficient Automated Systems & ProcessesOur end-to-end processes setup for your individual needs helps you meet deadlines.
Fast Response Help Desk Normally 24 biz hour turnaround on most questions up to 72 biz hours with the complex advice queries.
Personalised Service
Clients have a direct-relationship with a local Accountant (owner). Clients feel comfortable because they talk their language.
Proactive versus Reactive
We follow-up to move your business forward and keep you informed on your progress towards your goals.
Dedicated Quality Quality Control Department
To lodge documents on time and meet quality standards.
Not locked into one Accounting software
We analyse your business processes and advise what Accounting software is best for your individual needs- instead of one size fits all.
Stress Free
We take all your Accounting stresses and headaches and provide you with solutions.
No-Cost Analysis & Report on your requirements We invest substantial time and effort upfront for free up until we agree on the letter of engagement.
Our job is not finished until it is completed by all partiesE.g. you apply for a Loan and we follow it through with all parties until the money is in your bank account, versus just supplying the financials.
Workflow Manual For each client we prepare and provide a workflow manual so that everyone knows who is doing what and when.
Customised Software Solutions Beyond Accounting software we investigate and provide automated process software solutions.
Satisfaction GuaranteeLow-risk month by month service guarantee for clients.

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We are loved for what we do

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Glen Coventon
- Pertrain Pty Ltd -

“Mukesh and his team take the time to understand your business and are willing to do what it takes to provide a quality service at fair price”.

Annette Holdaway
—Aussie Bargain—

“We have been with Nexzen Accounting for a number of years and recommend them highly for their personal service, professional knowledge and just how they make it so easy to cover all our accounting needs”

Ross Broadfoot
—HRB Consulting—

“I have always found the team led by Mukesh at Nexzen Accounting to be very helpful. As a Sole Operator, moving to Xero has been a great move! Mukesh also set up a Drop-Box for us to share documents to each other”.

Stevhan Pereira
—Bombaywala Pty Ltd—

“I like Nexzen’s idea of providing us a quarterly analysis of our financials along our BAS lodgement. It helps us to keep on track”.

Bryce Coventon
—Performance Training—

“I would like to recommend Mukesh to anyone seeking a competent accountant who offers a service that is tailored to meet their exact need. It is refreshing to meet a professional who I can trust with our finances“.

Steve & Sancha
—Suncoast Sign—

“Mukesh and the team at NexZen Accounting have been so proactive with regard to responding to the Covid-19 situation. I called first up Monday morning and from the outset they explained that they were working on customised responses to suit all their individual clients needs and particular circumstances. At times like this you need strong professional action like this! many thanks”.

Soraya Saraswati
— Global Records Essential oils—

“Mukesh from NexZen Accounting has been very helpful and we are so impressed they are now our new accountants. We are very happy with the service. Thank you.”

Simon Murray
—CEO Sunshine Coast Disability Services—

“Consider this. With all my years in business I have never come across a more professional company then NexZen Accounting. Their transferable knowledge is beyond reproach.

Neil Steffensen
—SQ Homes—

“Setting up accounting software for business is not an easy task anytime. But Mukesh and his team has been extremely helpful and well informed which is why I would not hesitate to recommend their services to any business.”

Anton Oud
—PSS Group Pty Ltd—

“nexZen are next level accountants and bookkeepers. If you’re looking for a proactive, high value, low cost, one stop solution at a fixed cost and is never on holidays, then I highly recommend nexZen accounting”

Vivek Nayyar
—VKN Pty Ltd—

“The support and help we receive from nexZen is just excellent. Their expertise in accounting and taxation assures us the best possible decision for our business.

nexZen 5 Star Performance Guarantee

No-Cost, No-Obligation, No-Selling One-on-One Session

Partners and certifications

Accredited Practice

nexZen Accounting is a CPA Practice. We are fully accredited Tax Agents, Public Practice Tax Accountants, Cloud Bookkeepers and Business Advisors.

We have a dedicated Quality Control Department to lodge your documents on time and meet Quality Standards


The member presented as a confident and capable professional and impressed me with his commitment to maintaining a very high level of professionalism.

His system displayed a real focus on assessing his clients behaviour and his philosophy was on building a relationship with his clients that would be long term. As you would expect with a practice using this model the Quality Control Manual and Risk Management statement showed evidence of being continually updated and adjusted as needed.

I really felt that the investment the member has made in building his systems will pay off as his client numbers grow.
Reviewer - RHETT Robinson CPA
Review Date - 11 May 2016