3 External Forces

There are proven ways to overcome these External Forces as well as your own particular Frustrations and/or Fears and Wants and/or Aspirations…

External Forces

External forces are shaping our future…

Clients want Accountants to focus on “strategic advice” not just compliance or filling out forms, because clients want more sustainable profit and growth.  Big opportunity for you.

“Clients also want an Accountant who designs their future, not just writes up history, one who will provide accuracy and professionalism, but with a human touch working as a team.”



Economic Forces
High cost of employment

Labour in Australia is becoming even more expensive while employees are crying out for more money. Businesses with no employees (low labour costs) had the biggest growth while businesses with 5-19 employees (high Labour costs) showed the largest decline or shutdown. The effect is; more and more companies are trying to outsource overseas but that has its own problems of quality control and low service standards.

Client's Expectations from Accountants
Client’s Expectations from Accountants is increasing at a rapid rate. Accountants must focus on -strategic advice’ not just compliance or filling out forms. One who tailors my accounting to suit my business, not some generic all-encompassing program.”-client.
Statutory Accounts
Statutory Accounts are only important for reporting and tax, but actual profitability, cash-flow and growth are more critical.


Competition is Fierce
Competition is Fierce. Businesses can easily be copied worldwide, and put out of business, in the blink of an eye! There are more threats nowthan at anytime in history.
One of the Changes in Society
One of the Changes in Society is that everyone wants a sustainable, easy, lucrative, and fun business, lifestyle, and relationships. And They Want It NOW! Everything is going mobile. Be mobile. Be global. Be memorable. Be shareable.
Clients Want an Accountant

Clients Want an Accountant who wants to design the future, not write up history, who will provide accuracy and professionalism, but with a human touch.

A Growing Need
A Growing Need in small business is receiving “support” in the form of collaborations in community groups, with coaching, mentoring and training… to avoid reinventing the wheel and to make quick informed decisions with better solutions to compete in the market.


Technology Forces
The Change Cycle

The Change Cycle is now 6 months or less and “information” is no longer a secret. You need to be a “leading learner” to keep up with the rapid changes in regulations and /ortechnology.

Divide in Accounting Industry
Only in the Last Few Years are we seeing a “divide” in the Accounting industry, between fully systemised and technology driven businesses AND the labour intensive one-man-Accounting firms that simply wili not survive because they can not provide the service at a competitive price.
Divide in Accounting Industry

Almost Half of SMEs view technology/ IT as the “fastest-growing” services.

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Glen Coventon
- Pertrain Pty Ltd -

“Mukesh and his team take the time to understand your business and are willing to do what it takes to provide a quality service at fair price”.

Annette Holdaway
—Aussie Bargain—

“We have been with Nexzen Accounting for a number of years and recommend them highly for their personal service, professional knowledge and just how they make it so easy to cover all our accounting needs”

Ross Broadfoot
—HRB Consulting—

“I have always found the team led by Mukesh at Nexzen Accounting to be very helpful. As a Sole Operator, moving to Xero has been a great move! Mukesh also set up a Drop-Box for us to share documents to each other”.

Stevhan Pereira
—Bombaywala Pty Ltd—

“I like Nexzen’s idea of providing us a quarterly analysis of our financials along our BAS lodgement. It helps us to keep on track”.

Bryce Coventon
—Performance Training—

“I would like to recommend Mukesh to anyone seeking a competent accountant who offers a service that is tailored to meet their exact need. It is refreshing to meet a professional who I can trust with our finances“.

Steve & Sancha
—Suncoast Sign—

“Mukesh and the team at NexZen Accounting have been so proactive with regard to responding to the Covid-19 situation. I called first up Monday morning and from the outset they explained that they were working on customised responses to suit all their individual clients needs and particular circumstances. At times like this you need strong professional action like this! many thanks”.

Soraya Saraswati
— Global Records Essential oils—

“Mukesh from NexZen Accounting has been very helpful and we are so impressed they are now our new accountants. We are very happy with the service. Thank you.”

Simon Murray
—CEO Sunshine Coast Disability Services—

“Consider this. With all my years in business I have never come across a more professional company then NexZen Accounting. Their transferable knowledge is beyond reproach.

Neil Steffensen
—SQ Homes—

“Setting up accounting software for business is not an easy task anytime. But Mukesh and his team has been extremely helpful and well informed which is why I would not hesitate to recommend their services to any business.”

Anton Oud
—PSS Group Pty Ltd—

“nexZen are next level accountants and bookkeepers. If you’re looking for a proactive, high value, low cost, one stop solution at a fixed cost and is never on holidays, then I highly recommend nexZen accounting”

Vivek Nayyar
—VKN Pty Ltd—

“The support and help we receive from nexZen is just excellent. Their expertise in accounting and taxation assures us the best possible decision for our business.

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The member presented as a confident and capable professional and impressed me with his commitment to maintaining a very high level of professionalism.

His system displayed a real focus on assessing his clients behaviour and his philosophy was on building a relationship with his clients that would be long term. As you would expect with a practice using this model the Quality Control Manual and Risk Management statement showed evidence of being continually updated and adjusted as needed.

I really felt that the investment the member has made in building his systems will pay off as his client numbers grow.
Reviewer - RHETT Robinson CPA
Review Date - 11 May 2016